IPSAPortal is an official publication of the International Political Science Association. It has been presented to the IPSA 20th World Congress participants in a printed version. Browsing through the pages of this handbook will give scholars a better – and more comfortable! – understanding of the extraordinary wealth and variety of sources that can now be accessed on the Web as a «library without walls»: the largest research environment worldwide.
As with any new intellectual enterprise, we are aware of the limitations of our efforts. Selecting 300 websites out of thousands proliferating every day in cyberspace inevitably implies many arbitrary omissions and many mistakes.
Beyond that, this virtual library is also a moving frontier, with present sites evolving, new collections and new sites continually appearing, old access barriers collapsing, and usability easing and expanding. But keeping abreast of these developments requires constant supervision, a task we cannot possibly fulfill without your advice and help.
IPSAPortal’s main aim is to make political scientists worldwide fully aware of the immense opportunities for easy and often free
access to scholarly sources through the Net. It is a new journey into knowledge.
Welcome aboard!

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